The New LoFi

Ten Years

November 2020 Mixtape

This month we’ve got new music from Session Victim, Tiga, Hudson Mohawke, Disclosure, Verdance, Khi Infinite, Solomun, Monkey Safari, Old Smile and O’Flynn.

I’m designating this mix as the lockdown dance-your-face-off-at-home mix. It starts off smooth with some psychedelic indie and jazz in the beginning before becoming progressively faster as the mix goes on. Perfect for some self-isolation dance party fun. 

I got all scientific about this mix and lined up the songs according to beats per minute. So the first track is at like 90 bpm and each song is a tiny bit faster until we end at 130 bpm.  

So for example, at around 15 minutes into the mix we feature the title single off of  Chip Wickham’s new cosmic jazz album, Blue to Red. The track combines this sauntering percussion with a sweeping harp — yes, a friggin harp. It is reminiscent of other jazz greats like Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Dorothy ashby. 

Then fast forward to the 1 hour mark and we’ve got the new Solomun track that bumps the beat up to 125. It’s a totally different world. 

My hope is that if you listen to the mix from start to finish, the transition will be so seamless that you won’t even notice. That was the plan anyway. 

Hope you hear something you can get excited about in this month’s mix. Until next time, enjoy the November Mixtape!

— – —

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November 2020 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Old Smile – Underneath the Chatter (06:20)
  2. Janko Nilovic & The Soul surfers – Maze Of Sounds (09:10)
  3. BLESS THE MAD Mama’s Land (feat. Silka) (11:45)
  4. Chip Wickham – Blue to Red (15:07)
  5. Psymon Spine – Modmed (22:20)
  6. Volz Me & U (feat. Kam Doja, OG Spliff, and Hollow Creeper) (26:50)
  7. Khi Infinite – Lucy (30:23)
  8. Le Couleur – Désert (32:32)
  9. Sam Ruffillo – Midnight Funk (38:29)
  10. Tiga & Hudson Mohawke – VSOD (Velvet Sky Of Dreams) (43:38)
  11. Perry Farrell – Let’s All Pray For This World (UNKLE Reconstruction) (48:51)
  12. Kelpe – All The Way Round (Mr Beatnick Remix) (53:25)
  13. Solomun – Home (58:36)
  14. Disclosure – Lavender (01:01:40)
  15. Kousto – The Job (feat. Aroop Roy) (01:06:04)
  16. GABY – Hold On (feat. that Moodymann sample) (01:10:43)
  17. O’Flynn – Seamstress (Dan Shake remix) (01:17:46)
  18. Verdance – Rothko (feat. Oli Hanniford) (01:21:08)
  19. Monkey Safari – Nava (01:25:20)
  20. Einmusik & Seth Schwarz – Limba (01:31:35)
  21. Kölsch – Now Here No Where (01:36:46)
  22. Session Victim – Needledrop (Laurence Guy remix) (01:41:38)
  23. Salary Boy – Piano House (01:48:11)
  24. Jesper Ryom – Beaches (01:52:17)
  25. Tourist – Siren (01:57:10)