The New LoFi

Ten Years

June 2020 Mixtape

June’s Mixtape includes three hours of summer sounds. Featuring new music from Star Parks, Disclosure, Alex Boman, Magic Bronson, Jacques and Agoria.

For me, the music that best represents summer is a combination of Reggae, High Life, Afrobeat and Surf Rock. And I think there is a good mixture of all of that in the first hour of the mix.

Early in the mixtape we’ve featured a track from the king of Cumbia: Raul Llerena Vásquez (aka Ranil). Just last month the record label Analogue Africa released a compilation celebrating the extraordinary output of all the cumbia and psychedelic Latin sounds that Ranil has produced over the years. The track we’ve selected from the compilation to include in this mix is called “Muévete Mi Amor” and it is sure to get you into that Afro Caribbean mindset. 

Around about 25 minutes into the mix the music starts to give way to a jazzier more laid-back sound with the new Sweatson Klanks single, “How the Sun Rose.” I just love the way they’ve mixed a soulful beat with meandering horns and a sleepily delivered (and sort of sexy) vocal track 

The jazz and soul continues with new tracks from Scrimshire and a new London based duo called Mattari

Just around the 40 minute mark the jazz starts to get more electronic with Benji B’s dub remix of “Mirage” by Jessie Ware. There’s also a new track by Agoria and the elusive French producer Jacques. The two producers were brought together to create an original motion picture soundtrack for Olivier van Hoofstadt’s new movie “Lucky.” I haven’t seen the movie but the soundtrack is EXCELLENT. No two tracks are the same with music ranging from the cinematic and ambient to hip hop.  The album is so rich musically. I’ve listened to it dozens of times over the last month and every time I hear something new.

There is also a new Disclosure track in the mix. It’s called “ENERGY” and it features a vocal sample by Eric Thomas. You might recognize Thomas’ voice from one of Disclosure’s earlier tracks, “When a Fire Starts to Burn.” This time Thomas is channeling his inner gym coach with positive verbal motivation about how to focus your energy. It’s great.

Towards the end of the mixtape there is a new track from a producer called Bad Tuner. The track is called “Weather Report” and it samples an old American news reporter who is reading the weather. The track is super catchy and the video they made features some fantastic freestyle dancing around chinatown New York city.

I hope that you discover something new that you love on this mixtape.  Thanks for listening!

June Playlist:

  1. Star Parks – Oh Boredom (Schmaltz City, USA) (14:00)
  2. Ranil – Muévete Mi Amor (17:38)
  3. Waaju – Listening Glasses (20:08)
  4. Bananagun – People Talk Too Much (26:11)
  5. Sweatson Klank – How The Sun Rose (29:56)
  6. Scrimshire – Theme For Us (feat. Joshua Idehen & Chip Wickham) (32:12)
  7. Mattari – Chiringuito (38:36)
  8. Magic Bronson – Nervous (40:44)
  9. JessieWare – Mirage (Don’t Stop) (Benji B. Dub) (43:29)
  10. Sonnee – So What? (48:38)
  11. Jacques & Agoria – Visit (52:16)
  12. WhoMadeWho & Axel Boman – Anywhere In The World (57:12)
  13. KIDSØ – Childhood (01:03:16)
  14. KIDSØ – Childhood (Long Arm Remix) (01:06:33)
  15. Till von Sein – Graceland (01:10:24)
  16. Felipe Gordon – On Birdland (01:15:56)
  17. Fabich, Jafunk & Pastel – Ecstasy (feat. Liska) (01:21:00)
  18. Eris Drew – Transcendental Access Point (01:23:30)
  19. Ovidiu Zimcea – Airships (120bpm rework) (01:29:10)
  20. JiMMi Hendrik & MARIA Die RUHE – Don’t Be Careful (01:34:00)
  21. keel/over – Alrite (01:40:10)
  22. Alan Fitzpatrick vs Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard (Fitzy’s Fully Charged Mix) (01:45:28)
  23. Disclosure – ENERGY (01:52:31)
  24. Einmusik – Ignition (01:56:54)
  25. Cubicolor – Melodies (02:27:00)
  26. Mutenoise – Midnight (02:07:24)
  27. Joe Turner – Malibak (02:12:00)
  28. Cristoph – Sleepless Nights (02:17:00)
  29. Bendersnatch – Homage (Dub Mix) (02:23:16)
  30. salute – Fortress (02:28:16)
  31. HolyU – Afternoon with Pains (02:32:26)
  32. Vegyn – Debold (02:38:23)
  33. bad tuner – Weather Report (02:41:00)
  34. Magic Bronson – Evil Plans (02:44:24)