The New LoFi

Ten Years

July 2020 Mixtape

This month we’ve got new music from TOKiMONSTA, Jayda G, Boys Noize, Lone, Star Parks, the Sirens of Lesbos and many more. There’s a good mixture of lo-fi chilled-out beats, indie music and deep house. And loads of other weird and wonderful new music.

There is also some terrific afro beat on there including one from Gordon Koang and another one from the legendary Mulatu Astatke

At around 35 minutes, we’ve got a new single from an album called “Natures Diary”  which combines lo-fi beats with recordings of the natural world. The track is called “Zen Stream” and it’s from a producer called Clouds.

This month we’ve also featured a new track from a Philadelphia-based producer called Jamil Marshall (aka Small Professor). His new single is called “wish cops would stop killing unarmed black people” and it is dedicated to the memory of Breonna Taylor.

The song takes inspiration from Spike Lee’s 1994 film Crooklyn (which feels pretty relevant even today) and the chorus is a rework of Special Ed’s powerful verse from the title song of the soundtrack. It’s a really good homage to 90s hip hop and it’s for a good cause.

Around the 2 hour mark, there is a new track from an Oklahoma-based producer, called HeartWerk . The track is called “Absent” and it is part of a new compilation inspired by lockdown and aimed to protect the rainforest. All of the proceeds from the compilation will be donated to the Rainforest Trust to help fight climate change and deforestation. 

Who knew that House music could help save the world? 

I hope that you discover something new that you love on the mixtape this month.  Thanks for listening!

July Playlist:

  1. Star Parks – Palm Sunday (07:40)
  2. Traffik Island – Ulla Dulla (12:50)
  3. Sirens Of Lesbos – How Many Miles (14:58)
  4. TOKiMONSTA – Up and Out (17:29)
  5. small professor – wish cops would stop killing unarmed black people (22:00)
  6. MXXWLL – Light Turn Green (24:50)
  7. Arlo Parks – Black Dog (27:56)
  8. Callum. – Park Bench (31:36)
  9. Clouds – Zen Stream (33:52)
  10. Acid Pauli – Legends Of Saturn (36:37)
  11. Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Kulun Mankwaleshi (38:34)
  12. Gordon Koang – Mal Mi Goa (Ginoli Remix) (46:17)
  13. Tristan de Liège – Usawa (feat. ONYI LOVE) (51:53)
  14. Re.You – Inyani (feat. Oluhle and Aaaron) (56:30)
  15. Lone – Abraxas (120bpm rework) (01:02:32)
  16. Umami – Soltornet (01:05:04)
  17. Hyenah – Not Enough (feat. Lazarusman) (01:10:22)
  18. Weval – Same Little Thing (Michael Mayer remix) (01:14:38)
  19. Long Island Sound – I Still Love You (01:20:32)
  20. Jayda G – Both Of Us (01:27:25)
  21. Boys Noize – Mvinline (01:33:35)
  22. Ouvrijster – Sleazy Saints (120bpm hyped-up version) (01:37:58)
  23. HeartWerk – Absent (125bpm mix) (01:42:34)
  24. Cubicolor – Points Beyond (125bpm mix) (01:45:39)
  25. Dauwd – Really Good (01:50:46)
  26. Sebjak x Fahlberg – Morgonljus (01:54:19)
  27. Duncan Forbes – Strobe Dancer (02:25:00)
  28. Kelly Lee Owens – Melt! (02:08:32)
  29. Indian Wells – 0629 (02:00:00)