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Fuzzworthy 2015: Year End Mixtape!


It’s the Fuzzworthy Year End Mixtape! Apologies for the Sleep In, it took time to develop a Concrete Vision of the year’s best. 2015 was unequivocally incredible, and everybody from your mom to your dog to your big sis made a ‘Top Songs List’. Let’s face it, creating imaginary rankings and subjectively placing songs above one another? It’s Not Real. So Yes I’m Changing the format slightly from previous years. Sound & Color dominate the first half of the tape as synthetics soar Ad Astra (to the stars), with midpoint Doll’s Estate marking a Passionate Turn to earthly acoustics, emotion, all that shit that went wrong this past year.. The Glitzy Hive-minded bullshit and political hypocrisy we’ve So Allowed to breed Ad nausea-..

-Sorry, Lost my head there a little bit. Anywho, stream it below, download it in full or gift it to that new ‘Secret Friend‘ at work and watch the Sparks fly! However you fancy, The Only Thing I ask is to make sure you listen to the tape in the order it was intended! Otherwise I’ll have spent all these hours needlessly curating..

Until next year!


Fuzzworthy 2015 (Side A)

Fuzzworthy 2015 (Side B)


[audio:|titles=GROUNDERS – Secret Friend]
GROUNDERS – Secret Friend]

[audio:|titles=Telekinesis – Sleep In]
Telekinesis – Sleep In

[audio:|titles=Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive]
Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive

[audio:|titles=Still Parade – Concrete Vision]
Still Parade – Concrete Vision

[audio:|titles=Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing]
Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing

[audio:|titles=Beach House – Sparks]
Beach House – Sparks

[audio:|titles=Deerhunter – Ad Astra]
Deerhunter – Ad Astra

[audio:|titles=Youth Lagoon – Doll’s Estate]
Youth Lagoon – Doll’s Estate

[audio:|titles=Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing]
Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing

[audio:|titles=Kurt Vile – Lost My Head There]
Kurt Vile – Lost My Head There

[audio:|titles=Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color]
Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

[audio:|titles=Ought – Passionate Turn]
Ought – Passionate Turn

[audio:|titles=SALES – big sis]
SALES – big sis

[audio:|titles=Hazel English – It’s Not Real]
Hazel English – It’s Not Real

[audio:|titles=Beirut – So Allowed]
Beirut – So Allowed