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Happy Thursday

It’s Thursday. In many ways, it’s the best day of the week. Monday’s*, eh. Tuesday’s*, two for one specials = good, but otherwise, eh. Wednesday’s, unremarkable. and then there is Thursday’s. The week is nearly over, and this funny thing happens (especially with people that have 9 to 5 jobs).

See, the thing is, Friday is usually set for the big day out and you meet up with your friends. In order to maximize your ‘Friend hang out / get wasted time’ on Friday, you end up going out with the people you work with on Thursday’s. It’s this weird unspoken pact that everyone you work with just knows and follows. But what usually happens is that you drink more on thursday and are too hung over to even go out on friday. It makes sense for a couple of reasons

A. The people you work with, you spend an incredible amount of time with, so you end up being pretty close to them even if you don’t want to be. so they are you friends, stop denying it.

B. On top of the unspoken pact that you have about going out on thursday to protect friday, there is that other unspoken pact where you have to prove that you can drink more than your co-workers. This is a useful pact for 2 reasons:
i. you get to see your co-workers drunk, which is always fun
ii. you force the people you work with (namely your boss, who usually has to prove that he can drink more than everyone (that is if he is a good boss of course. first sign of a shitty boss: their ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol and still be able to lead)) and so being hung over and writing off the first half of the morning turns out to not only be expected, but required.

With all of this in mind, I think there is a good reason to celebrate Thursday. In order to kick off the weekend correctly, and to give Thursday the credit it’s due, I’ve decided that I will put up some new or unique tracks that I’ve come across during the week.


The XX Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
[audio:|titles= Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)|artists=The XX]

Phoenix 1901 (FAMUEL Remix)
[audio:|titles= 1901 (FAMUEL Remix)|artists= Phoenix]

*EDIT: the correct spelling, in case you were wondering, is “Mondays” and “Tuesdays,” as pointed out by a Mysterious commenting Jew