The New LoFi

Ten Years

The Long Awaited Global Twang

Every once in a while you can’t help but say FUCK IT. Fuck the traffic, fuck the crowds, fuck the “it” spots, fuck advertising, fuck retail, fuck models, fuck bankers, fuck designers with thick black glasses, fuck trust funders, fuck the homeless, fuck sales, fuck cabs, fuck madison ave and wallstreet, fuck brooklyn and especially fuck the meat packing. fuck subways, fuck outlandish rents for soap box size living quarters, fuck people who let their dogs shit on your favorite stoop, fuck people who yell at you for letting your dog shit on their favorite stoop, fuck fohawks and mohawks, and trendy tattooes. fuck marc jacobs taking over everything and fuck tourists who love marc jacobs taking everything over, fuck sushi, fuck starbucks and grease trucks. fuck friends flying in and sleeping on your couch, fuck late hours because it’s expected, fuck noise and stink and trash and heat and fuck the bitter cold.

Current cynicism aside, this playlist has some great tunes on it which really embrace the idea of “the new lofi”. The very character of these songs is simple, low budget and real which is what makes them special. It takes a lot to slow down in New York City. These songs are meant to take you to another place and maybe even another time. Rest your weary head New Yorkers, kick back some moonshine, chew some straw and if you can, imagine fireflies flickering in the distance like roman candles dancing in the night.

Cheers! D‐Hall


The New LoFi Global Twang]

TNLF Global Twang Mixtape