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A Late Winter Blues Mix

I’m aware that we are nearly a month into spring at this point, but winters in New York City give you the feeling that they hate to leave. I wanted to make a mix that captured that longing for spring that you get in the last days of winter, when nights are still cold, and days can look deceivingly warm from behind a window.

There are no ‘Blues’ tracks on this mix either.* It’s mostly Indie Rock jams (which some might consider the ‘Hipster Blues’ I suppose). There is however, a bunch of new and some unsigned acts that I wanted to point out.

Today I Feel is a side project for Ben Luckman from Lady In The Radiator. There is something about solo projects that can really make someone pour their heart out, and I think that is the case with “The Point.” Check out the “Today I Feel” EP on soundcloud. Oberhofer is another promising new band that only popped on my radar in 2010. Front man Brad Oberhofer has got some pipes on him, and the band has that LoFi raw power that I can’t resist when it comes to rock. Joel Robert Melton passed his track, “Shadowfingers” to us months ago and I’ve been itching to find a place for it in a mix somewhere. Check out the video for “shadowfingers” on vimeo, and take a listen to his other tracks, “Ghost” and “Slipping Away.”
“Crutch and Cane” is off of the Peter Wolf Crier debut album “Inter-Be.” Really digging this album. It’s got a super percussive and simple sound with an unexpectedly melodic overtone. The Morning Benders are nothing new, but the track on this mix, “Little Riot” is an unreleased track that was featured on their Japanese earthquake relief album “Japan Echo (日本・エコー).” Def check the full album out and donate if you can.

ok, enough nerding out to music. Check out the mix!

[audio:|titles=A Late Winter Blues Mix]
A Late Winter Blues Mix

  • Efterklang Cutting Ice To Snow
  • The Last Shadow Puppets My Mistakes Were Made For You
  • Today I Feel The Point
  • Cat Power Naked If I Want To
  • Beck Guess I’m Doing Fine
  • Oberhofer Dead Girls Dance
  • Joel Robert Melton Shadowfingers (Part 1)
  • 1,2,3 Confetti
  • 1,2,3 Can’t Bribe God
  • Sonny & the Sunsets The Hypnotist
  • Broken Bells Citizen
  • Peter Wolf Crier Crutch & Cane
  • The Morning Benders Little Riot (日本・エコー)
  • All Those Ships Still Shine
  • The Dø Too Insistent
  • Toro Y Moi Still Sound
  • Kings of Convenience Misread

*In the spirit of the completely misleading title, I also wanted to point out that I went about making this mix completely different then in the past. Usually my process starts out with hearing one track, and I base the rest of the mix off of the mood that one track sets. I think I broke all of Nick Hornby’s rules for making a mix with this one. I put slow tracks next to rocking tracks, I put two songs by the same artist in the mix and I put the corker in the middle of the mix instead of the beginning and built out from there. Should make for a terrible mix, but I quite like it.

It all started on one of those Sundays where you are hung-over as shit, and slightly depressed, but too tired to do anything about it. It was a stupid overcast day just after winter, but there was no indication that spring was here. I was listening to “Confetti” by 1,2,3 repeatedly (the song in the middle of the mix) and I thought it was so fucking perfectly capturing my mood. So rather then putting Confetti at the beginning and kicking the mix off with a bang, I put it in the middle and worked backwards to the beginning and the then did the same to get to the end. Still not sure if it was the right thing to do, but would love to hear what you think.

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