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Ten Years

Bad Veins: Go Home

In the past year or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of being open. Standing in the light of vulnerability is sometimes terrifying, but I know how rewarding it can be. If you have the courage to let yourself be seen, the kind of connection you can make is indescribable “Go Home” by Bad Veins is about someone in a relationship with a person who isn’t opening up and showing themselves for who they really are. He is going through the process of letting go and experiencing the all of the heartbreak that comes with it. 

This track comes from Bad Veins self-titled album released in 2009. With it’s melodic saxophone and cutting drum beat, you’ll be taken into a daydream filled with lost love and melancholy that hurts in all the right ways.

[audio:|titles=Bad Veins – Go Home]
Bad Veins – Go Home