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Ten Years

Big Jambox

If you haven’t noticed, The New Lo-Fi is a music blog. Basically, we talk about music we like and share it with people like you. Our staff has talked a lot about doing other things on the site but usually come full circle to the fact that we want to keep the site music related. That said, there’s so much out there that music lovers such as us are into that we want to talk about. Maybe it isn’t a new band or a new track, but maybe it’s a new set of headphones? Or a new bluetooth speaker? Or some new concert gear for festival season? You get the idea. So, we decided to create a new section on the site dedicated to stuff we love that isn’t music but relates to our music loving ways. We hope you guys find it useful.

Oh, one last thing … just like we’ve asked you to send us music you are making or hear, we also want input from you guys about new products out there. If you see something worth sharing, let us know. If you’re making something worth sharing, even better. Hit us up, send us a link, send us a sample, whatever … We’d love to help spread the word.

The first new gadget on my radar is the Big Jambox from Jawbone. This sucker is supposed to be available on May 15th. I’ve read good things about it so far but haven’t checked it out myself. Has anyone used one first hand? Let us know what you think about it.