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Esperando el Tsunami

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Earlier in 2011 we wrote about Vincent Moon’s project with Efterklang called An Island. The collaboration was a unique film project shot on the Danish island of Als which documented the band playing in some intimately small locations (the back of a truck, a barn, etc) with the locals of the island.

What truely made this project unique however is the way Vincent Moon decided to distribute the film. He pioneered a new method of film distribution called ‘private-public screenings’ where people who wanted to see the film have to organize their own screenings. Over 1100 home screenings have been recorded to date including the screening I attended in New York in 2011.

I was moved. It goes without saying that the film was beautifully shot and makes you feel like you are there experiencing the narrative first-hand in the way that only a Vincent Moon can. More importantly however, the act of attending the ‘private-public screening’ made me feel like I was bipassing Hollywood (and all the corporate greed that goes along with that) so that I could contribute to the film maker himself. It also made me and everyone attending the event feel like we were a part of the movie’s success. We were the active audience. It was quite a new way of seeing a movie.

Shortly after the success of the ‘private-public screenings’ of An Island, Moon teamed up with the Argentinean electronic folk duo Lulacruza to start a new film documenting the musical cultures of urban and provincial Colombia. The resulting work, entitled Esperando El Tsunami, has been released in November 2011, using the distribution system of ‘private-public screenings’, first used in An Island and I highly recommend requesting a screening of the film in your city.

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Lulacruza – El Conocimiento