The New LoFi

Ten Years

It’s Only Rock N Roll But I <3 It

Any band that claims that their music sounds like “sex in a barn” and that “MotorBikes & ATVs” are their main influences is good with me. The first track on this mix is by a band from Tennesee called the Turbo Fruits (above). They’re a rowdy group of Tennessee guys who know good rock n roll is simple, fast, catchy and has lots of distortion. Starting with the Turbo Fruits, this mixtape is inspired by the new rock n roll and “Home Sweet Home” on Chrystie Street at 5:30 am. The vile stench of this subterranean bar isn’t very sweet, but fans of taxidermy and good old fashion rock and roll will feel right at home. The crowd is friendly and definitely AWAKE AWAKE AWAKE, the music is too loud for it’s own good, the floor is soaked and slippery with beer, vomit and nastiness I can’t even begin to describe but at the end of a really long night who can argue with a no holds bar goofy hipster dance party after the rest of the city has gone to bed. Hipster dance party aside, the crowd is really mixed and you even see some blue button down dudes with wrinkled tails, a sure sign of bankers untucking the uniform and cutting loose.  Iggy Pop would be proud that all of the Lower East Side hasn’t become the next Meat Packing District.

Rock On! D-Hall