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Min Stora Kärlek Lykke Li

LYKKE LI is a Swedish artist / musician that blends elements of pop, electronic and rock. In addition to drum machines and sequencers, she also uses “spoken word”, violins, tambourines, trumpets, saxophones, and cellos. She released her debut album, Youth Novels, in 2008 which was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John and Lasse Mårtén.

Lykke received major notice with the song “Possibility” in 2009 when the track was featured on the New Moon soundtrack and with her appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly following the release.

Most recently, Lykke signed up with Yeasayer and The Polyphonic Spree to take part in Blogotheque’s “Take Away Show” where the artists join the Invisible Children crew and La Blogotheque on a journey to Gulu, Uganda. While there, the bands will learn about the many affects the 24-year-long war has had on the area and its inhabitants, and they will learn about what’s being done to stop it. During their stay, each of the bands will play a show, interacting with the locals and using the surroundings and the scenery to enhance the experience for all.

The result will be a documentary film – a series of three Take Away Shows interspersed with band member interviews and local events. The film will be sold by Invisible Children in an effort to raise funds to further promote awareness of the 23-year-long war and to support the Invisible Children programs. Read more about the film here.

Among others, Lykke has collaborated with Kings of Leon, Drake, Röyksopp, Amanda Blank, Kanye, Santigold and the Swedish band Kleerup.

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