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More Beats For The Summer

After finishing my last mix, I found that I had a bunch of left over tracks. Today, I’m gonna put up some of the “B-Sides.” It’s all hip-hop, and it all has that summer sound. Theophilus London, The Cool Kids, and Souls of Mischief are all on The Vibe Below also, but these are the mp3’s that didn’t make the cut.

[audio:,,|titles=A Strangers Heart, Life of a Lover, Soles of Fire]
Theophilus London “I Want You” (mix tape sample)
I hadn’t heard of Theophilus London until last month, but he is firmly on my radar now. He’s from Brooklyn, and he has that Brooklyn hip-hop, hipster sound down better than most (think: cool un-pretentious Kid Cudi). His sound has depth. He samples indie rocker Jack Penate (also worth checking out!) on the first track, “A Strangers Heart” and then lets a lazy brass instrument roll on in the background of the next track. And all along you get his interesting commentary on things. My favorite line: “What a coinscience, we both wore boat shoes” He recently released a mix tape entitled “I Want You” (the picture above is from the album cover) which freshens up hip-hop with hipster synth and electronic-ish beats. Here are three tracks from the tape. And go check him laying down lyrics with The Very Best on The Vibe Below.

[audio:|titles=The Light Company]
Cool Kids “The Light Company”
The Cool Kids have released a couple of mix tapes in the past year (Gone Fishing, and Tackle Box) and this is what I think is the best track off of the first release, Gone Fishing. Both mix tapes are available for free via download. I don’t even think they had a CD made (they are that cutting edge).

[audio:|titles=Tour Stories]
Souls of Mischief “Tour Stories”
Relatively new Souls of Mischief. Still has that timeless 90’s sound. still great for listening to in the summer on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

[audio:|titles=Trippin’ at the Disco]
People Under The Stairs “Trippin’ at the Disco”
This is an old one, but a classic