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Ten Years

Something About Us

Here are a few of my favorite tracks at the moment. Oddly enough, they make a nice little mini mix.

[audio:|titles=02 Disconnect ft. Steffaloo]
Germany Germany – Disconnect ft. Steffaloo

After releasing his first album Drew Harris (aka Germany Germany) took a longish hiatus from making music to get back to his personal life. Disconnect is the first single off of Germany Germany’s second album “Blank Mind Empty Heart.” It’s an absolutely surreal and slightly pensive track that has me stopped in my tracks every time I listen to it.

Take a listen to his first album, “Adventures” on the Germany Germany bandcamp.

[audio:|titles=02 A New Beginning (Reloaded)]
Protassov – A New Beginning (Reloaded)
I love the description Protassov’s record label Switchstance gives him: “an unrestrained balancing act.” This track, “A New Beginning” has a delicious Trip-Hop hook to it, but there are experimental elements that make it more complex than that. Don’t judge his musical range on this track alone however, you’ll see on his website that he can span everything from folk to reggae.

[audio:|titles=01 Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)]
Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

No need to introduce either one of these artists. Cherokee has made a super slick track out of a Daft Punk masterpiece. What does that add up to? Soem king of awesome.