The New LoFi

Ten Years

Belgian Fog

Robert Dale is the Seattle based producer behind Belgian Fog. During the day Dale works at KEXP, one of America’s last outposts for good radio.

It’s easy to nurture a healthy taste in new music when you work at such a great establishment. Turning your musical taste into a musical production is a bit harder however (and not always successful).

When it is successful, it sounds a bit like Belgian Fog’s first single, “Wait For Help.” Although he claims that his sounds is a mixture between The xx and Foster the People, I think his debut is less dark than the former and not as “pop” as the latter. I hear something more hopeful in the vien of Beriut, but more experimental.

My question was: why the name “Belgian Fog” if you don’t live in Belgium? Is there even fog in Belgium??

“I have no idea how I came up with [Belgian Fog],” Dale claims, “I believe it just popped in my head as a potential artist name one day and I went with it.” Works for me as long as there is more Fog on the way.