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Ten Years

Don’t Make Me Leave US

Most sources report that Akello G. Light is an international herbal tea drinker from North Carolina. Allegedly spending more than $200 at any of the organic and metaphysical stores he visits, Akello is known for creating laid-back instrumentals with esoteric lyrics that you burn incenses to and perhaps take nootropic herbal remedies.

When Akello isn’t drinking herbal tea or taking herbal remedies that you most probably can’t pronounce, he is producing some interesting hip-hop. The sound is reminiscent of Madlib or Jay Dilla, and every song tells a story. His latest single, “Don’t Make Me Leave US” explores the story of a cheating girlfriend. “What does a guy do when the woman he loves is pregnant by another man?”

Check out Akello’s latest EP Green Tea Mint 3: Herbal Remedies on bandcamp now.

Akello G. Light – Don’t Make Me Leave US