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Fredo Viola Takes A Turn

Fredo Viola is a multi-media artist and singer living in New York. I came across his website in search of inspiration last week and was blown away by his talent. And although his music is quite good, you can’t really appreciate his genius unless you experience the audio and visual together. The sounds and concepts are simple, yet fresh. He pays attention to small details, but it seems like he leaves room for the random.

I’m attaching a few songs here, and you can buy a bunch of his tracks on iTunes, BUT! I urge you to go check out his website and get the full experience. The interactive visuals are just as clever as the sound.

[audio: Viola – The Turn.mp3|titles=Fredo Viola – The Turn (Ghost CLuster Performance)]
Fredo Viola – The Turn (Ghost CLuster Performance)

[audio: Viola – Vache Qui Rit.mp3|titles=Fredo Viola – Vache Qui Rit]
Fredo Viola – Vache Qui Rit

[audio: Viola – Sad Song.mp3|titles=Fredo Viola – Sad Song]
Fredo Viola – Sad Song