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Ten Years


Iggy Azalea is an unlikely success story in the rap game. She’s a white girl from Australia (just about the furtherest you can get from the birthplace of rap). With her tall slim body and long blonde hair that’s usually pulled back into a pony tail, she looks like she could be a cheerleader. That is, until she opens her mouth.

Azalea’s rap career started when she released her mixtape Ignorant Art late 2011. It wasn’t until the release of her video PU$$Y featuring our heroine in a small top and tight yellow pants that her career really took off however. And then it only took a few months for her to go from being a broke aspiring female rapper living in L.A. to being signed by T.I.’s record label Grand Hustle, a bunch of internet fame, and a contract with Wilhelmina Models.

Her EP Glory is available for free on the Iggy Azalea website.