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Ten Years

Jamie Lidell

My beautiful pictureAs far as musical categorization goes, the history of Jamie Lidell’s work is all over the map. During an interview with Pitchfork, he tried to explain himself. “If I don’t keep it varied I go a bit stir crazy, you know? If I don’t have the opportunity to jump genres every now and again I feel I’m boxed-in.” I definitely don’t think we can blame him. When you’re expressing yourself creatively, why would you want to continuously produce the same type of art?

Lidell has recently broken his musical dry spell with “Believe In Me”, a dark and personal track filled with a quiet concentration. It was released on March 9th via Stereogum and he described it as “an honest admission of self doubt, I even feel vulnerable releasing this song which is why I know it’s important.”  Take a good listen and enjoy the rise and fall of powerful emotion.

[audio:|titles=Jamie Lidell – “Believe In Me”]