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Ten Years

Sleepyvillain, Keep Calm

Sleepyvillain is a one person indie project out of Portland with many collaborators and the occasional guest female vocal. Akila Fields, the man behind Sleepyvillian, takes his inspiration from the Jazz scene in Portland (which you can totally hear in his music). But that sounds like the back story to any up and coming artists. Perhaps what’s more interesting, is that fact that Akila spent 3 years traveling in an 8’x 8′ box-car for the Barnum & Bailey Circus playing for the ringling band. If that doesn’t give you some solid experience I’m not sure what will.

“Keep Calm” is the first single off of his upcoming EP entitled “Love Is A Kaleidoscope.” His previous EP, Arithmetic, was jazzy, smooth, some people likened him to Toro y Moi or Destroyer, but I’d say he’s got more soul in his sound. It’s witty, there are lines like “I got in a fight with a time machine, went back to the future….” (from the song “Closer”) that just make you smile because of there subtle delivery. “Keep Calm” is gentler but just as heady, so I’m really looking forward to what the rest of the album will sound like. The EP is set to come out sometime next Spring.

Sleepyvillain – Keep Calm