The New LoFi

Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday IV

Mark Dobson is the man behind the Brighton based sound called Ambassadeurs. Dobson lays on a very unique brand of chilled out music that has a glitchy rolling momentum to it. Check out the Ambassadeurs Bandcamp page for a download of the EP and peep the first single, ‘My World’ below.

Terra Torus takes a LoFi electronic approach towards chillwave… manipulating acoustic instruments and layering in far-off sounding vocals. “I feel very fond of the chillwave movement, the lofi sounds remind me much of my childhood, and being at the beach.” His latest EP Southwest was inspired by his future relocation from Columbus Ohio to Austin Texas. The Southwest EP is available on the Terra Torus Bandcamp page.

For “Goodbye,” California producer Amicus came up with an elaborate story behind the track including pirates and dragons:
“i grew up fighting dragons on an island and one day i was swept out to sea. these pirates saved me. however, these pirates were no ordinary pirates. the only way they could communicate was through music. eventually they made me their captain and i am who i am today. i made this track for the pirates as a farewell gift, hence the name “goodbye”. its been hard getting used to being on land again.” Rad

Boerd is the alias of swedish producer Bård Ericson. Bård is also a member of the trio Stay Ali, a band that has been around on the electronic music scene since 2006. Bård started his new solo project “boerd” in 2011, with which he is exploring the world of electronic sounds, often resulting in quite chill and bouncy tunes. He has released one single and two EPs so far, and a third EP is on it’s way. “Nostalgica” is the first single off of the Slacker EP.