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Dark Dark Dark Wild Go

I had a little double date dinner party this weekend that included me not cooking (always good, thanks mike), Ithaca Flower Power IPAs (even better, thanks Buy Rite Liquors), the blessing of a new dining table (long overdue) and Dark Dark Dark’s EP Bright Bright Bright (thank you Winifred). While opening a fourth or fifth IPA, we realized DDD was playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn in about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, a little too late and a little too drunk to moto-race over two bodies of water from Downtown Jersey City to Brooklyn for the show.

If you don’t know Dark Dark Dark, think a darker version of Florence and The Machine sprinkled with Arcade Fire and Beirut seasonings, garnished with a fiddler on or off the roof, a touch of Transylvanian barber shop quartet and finally topped off with your favorite Ukrainian polka band by a campfire after 4 am. I’m not sure if that makes any sense but either way, Dark Dark Dark released their second LP on Oct 5th and here’s a little taste. In Your Dreams is not the official single but it’s the one I want to highlight from Wild Go. I love the “Hah-um”, finger snaps, piano, accordion, violin and especially the drums. Check it . . .


In Your Dreams]

Dark Dark Dark In Your Dreams