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Flying Lotus + Markus Hofko

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Filmed over two days on Desert Rd, North Island of New Zealand the new Flying Lotus video was created using just two characters and one director. The director, Markus Hofko, also happens to be a talent designer from New Zealand which helps to make this video so stylized and successful. It was a production that was “Nice and simple. And complicated,” as Hofko puts it.

Check out more of Hofko’s work at and if you haven’t heard FlyLo’s fourth album Until the Quiet Comes, check it out on Bleep.

Flying Lotus – Phantasm (feat. Laura Darlington)

Flying Lotus – Phantasm (feat. Laura Darlington) (DCPLX edit)

Also from Until the Quiet Comes album, is the video for “Putty Boy Strut” that follows a machine that suddenly becomes self-aware and starts to consume other smaller machines. Directed by Cyriak, the video has a Katamari Damacy playful style to it that lends itself to the story. Check out the video below.

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ALSO coming out of that album is a short film project by Kahlil Joseph (the director of Eat Pray Love). It’s a nice little storyline using music from the album. Check out the video below … then do yourself a favor and buy this album… it’s dope.

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