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Ten Years

Luthian – Sara


2015: The year of faux Scandinavian/German band names making Nordic-inspired chillwave. Not to discredit the incredible achievement of an artist like B0RNS, yet there’s something disingenuous about donning such a moniker while being from Michigan. (However there’s nothing disingenuous, as I’ve just been informed, about choosing your name from the storied ancestry of the line of Numenor)

A running joke within my friend circle; the day isn’t complete without hearing Stevie Nicks in some capacity. The witch-queen of serene herself is the obvious focal point of inspiration for Lüthian’s brand new single ‘Sara’ (outside of middle-earth), a tonal synth power-ballad. Based out of the ever-evolving Canadian cultural center-piece of Vancouver, Lüthian blends ethereal vocal harmonies with deep keys and snappy percussions. It’s like if BANKS had her beats produced by Giraffage. A perfect blend of dreamy sensuality and sample-driven synthpop, ‘Sara’ is a huge leap forward and an palpable conduit for an artist set to take the all-enveloping genre of “chill” in a brand new direction.

For a bonus, peep this colab between Lüthian and Montreal based radical-fucking-dude Zetler.