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Made Violent Debut

Buffalo New York is on the comeback with downtown being built up, the new Sabres’ HarborCenter project coming to life, and hell, the Bills might even have a fighting chance at not blowing it this year. And the music scene is on the rise as well. Buffalo’s scene has the advantage of being small but also close to bigger scenes like Toronto, Binghamton, Ithaca…and arguably New York + Brooklyn. It just doesn’t have the same reach… until now. And these three dudes from Made Violent could just be the band that puts Buffalo back on the map music-wise.

Lately, it has been hard to get me excited about rock. There is just so much poor quality rock and indie pop to sift through that it’s not a genre you hear a quality piece of recording often. Which is why when you do come across a gem like Made Violent’s self-released debut single “Wasted Days” it surprises you unexpectedly. With driving percussion and unapologetic distorted vocals, it reminds you of early Strokes or Arctic Monkeys track but, with a legitimate rock sound. A sound born in a real All-American Blue-collar working-class city like Buffalo, New York.

Today saw the release of their second self-released track, “Inside Out” which is available for download along with “Wasted Days” on the Made Violent Soundcloud page.

Made Violent – Wasted Days

Made Violent – Inside Out

Made Violent:
Justin Acee: drums
Joe White: vocals and bass
Rob Romano: vocals and guitar