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Sampling Machine TV Girl

TNLF recently featured San Diego’s Swim Party as one of our favorite So Cal bands. This week we’re bringing you San Diego’s TV Girl. TV Girl is a sampling duo that reminds me a little of The Avalanches with a twist of chill-wave echoey surf rock. Their single If You Want It (You Got It) is largely built around a sample of Todd Rundgren’s 1968 song “Hello It’s Me” and is based on the age-old tale of drunken hook-ups. They do such a great job blending their song and Rundgren’s that it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Their EP is available for free somewhere online but I’ve yet to find it. Lame, I know. l’ll keep you posted on that but in the meantime here is If You Want It (You Got It).


If You Want It (You Got It)]

TV Girl If You Want It (You Got It)