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Ten Years

VooDoo: Day 3

By the third and final day of VooDoo Fest, everyone is starting to burn out, but the great lineup kept me going. The One AM Radio, coming from LA were a relaxing start to my day with their electro-pop/folk-y sounds. While a friend of the band described them as “a bummed out dance party,” they certainly gave my day a good start. Louisiana’s own Givers filled every inch of the small Bingo! stage with their upbeat sounds and vocalist/percussionist Tiffany lit up the tent with her amazing energy as she switched back and forth from playing the drums, the ukulele, and just dancing around with guitarist/vocalist Taylor. The Limousines were not at all what I expected, based on the rock band background of frontman Eric Victorino, but that was definitely not a bad thing. While I could have done without the siren noises coming from his megaphone, the electronic stylings of Giovanni Giusti blended well with the somewhat ethereal voice of Victorino. TV on the Radio put on an a great show, as expected, and my day ended with The Raconteurs, and while they sounded good, the consensus was that they were, for the last main act of VooDoo, a little disappointing.
VooDoo Fest 2011 did not boast the strong headlining acts of last year, but the smaller bands more than made up for it. All three days had strong up-and-comers, and the crowds gathering around them as their sets went on prove that up might just have come.

[audio: Sunlight.mp3|titles=The One AM Radio – Sunlight]
The One AM Radio – Sunlight

[audio: Up Up Up.mp3|titles=Givers – Up Up Up]
Givers – Up Up Up