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2012 Olympic Closing Ceremonies London

The 2012 London Olympics have sadly come to a close but the English sent the world away with a stunning closing ceremony dedicated to British pop music. Sometimes you forget how many great artists Great Britain has given us over the years but this closing ceremony did a good job of reminding us just how many musical contributions the British Isles have given us from The Beegees to Queen. Britain’s more popular bands of today like One Direction and Tinie Tempah helped ring in the end of the Olympics as well. Even the Spice Girls got together for a couple of songs in celebration of the Olympics. How hilarious was it to see Posh Spice try and balance on top of a black cab while lip syncing around the stadium? Stick to being David’s arm candy love.

The performances were visually amazing as well. I feel like there weren’t enough cameras to capture all of the action going on in the stadium. From Annie Lennox sailing out on a gothic looking ghost ship to Russell Brand singing a cover of “I am The Walrus” atop a psychedelic bus which led into Fat Boy Slim DJ’ing from a giant octopus… there just wasn’t a dull moment. My favorite performance was probably Eric Idle’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” which had the entire stadium singing along. And of course there was an ode to John Lennon that had performers assemble a giant puzzle piece sculpture of his face in the middle of the stadium while “Imagine” played to a reflectively quiet crowd.

To celebrate all of the great songs and artists we’ve put a little mix together covering some of the artists that performed at the closing ceremonies in London! Enjoy (and long live the queen!)

[audio:,,,,,,,,,,|titles=The Who – Pinball Wizard,ELO – Mr. Blue Sky,Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls,Annie Lennox – Little Bird,Oasis – Wonderwall,Eric Idle – Alway Look on the Bright Side of Life,The Beegees – You Should Be Dancing,Fat Boy Slim – Rockafeller Skank,David Bowie – Rebel Rebel,The Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash,John Lennon – Imagine]

The Who – Pinball Wizard
ELO – Mr. Blue Sky
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Annie Lennox – Little Bird
Oasis – Wonderwall
Eric Idle – Alway Look on the Bright Side of Life
The Beegees – You Should Be Dancing
Fat Boy Slim – Rockafeller Skank
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
The Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash
John Lennon – Imagine