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Amazing street drummer – Oded Kafri

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Since moving over to London from New York there have been a few things that I’ve missed. Pizza, bagels… pizza-bagels, 24-hour public transportation, and street performers. The London street performer and busker scene is severally lacking as far as I can hear. The amount of time’s i’ve heard a botched version of a Jimi Hendrix song, or a cover of Wonderwall in a Tube Station are too many to count. One thing that can be said about the Brits is that they are a helluva lot more appreciative and involved in the street music that they do have.

Then I saw Oded Kafri and my opinion of London street music changed drastically! He has an incredible street performance centered around percussion that plays to everything from Hip-Hop to Jungle.

Sabotage Times did a very generous write-up on Kafri that I’m not even going to attempt to match. It explains why he got into drums, and how it led him to a career as a street performer… possibly the greatest street performer that Great Britain has ever seen. Read full article on Oded Kafri on Sabatoge Times