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Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday X

For the tenth installment of Chillwave Wednesday we’ve decided to put together a small compilation of popular chill tracks that cover all genres. From Future-pop producer Flume, to Indie Rock sounding Germany Germany to a Hip-Hop artist like Rejjie Snow, we’re mixing Chillwave Wednesday up for you this week. Enjoy:

Flume – Holdin’ On
Flume is blowing up! D-Hall discovered him over a year ago when he was recording his self-titled debut album and now 21 year Australian producer Harley Streten has a hugely popular single with “Holdin On” that topped the charts in New Zealand and Australia and has been listened to over a million times on Soundcloud. Order the album now on Future Classic.

Isolée – Allowance
German artist/producer Rajko Müller just released a new three track EP under his moniker Isolee which suggests that a fourth LP is on it’s way. “Allowance” is the standout track on the EP but Pampa records has been kind enough to put the whole EP on Soundcloud to stream for free. Stream the Isolee EP, Pampa 013.

j.viewz – Salty Air (ft Noa Lembersky)
We featured j.viewz last week with his video that recreated Massive Attack’s single “Teardrop” by using vegetables to trigger the samples. Now we’re delighted to show you that Brooklyn-based vegetable artist, Jonathan Dagan, is not only great at wielding your farmed goods, but a chill-ass producer as well. His single “Salty Air” is off his second album, Rivers and Homes (out now).

Rejjie Snow – Lost in Empathy

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow draws on the bizarre and brutal persecution of albinos in Tanzania for his latest single “Lost in Empathy.” At only 19, Snow’s already scored support from MF Doom and Kendrick Lamar. He takes the sub-genre of PBR&B to a level below. It’s nothing I’ve ever heard before. the sub genre under the sub genre. Hip Hop and Electronic twisted together just a bit tighter. Lyrical with out losing sight of the sound.

If you dig the track, check out the video for Lost in Empathy. It’s just as chilling and well produced as the song is.

Germany Germany – Apollo