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East Coast meets West Coast with the KAUF x BAILE collaboration

Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley (aka BAILE) continues to tease the release of his upcoming EP — this time with introduction of his new single “Leave Me.”

“[It’s] a track that started with a sample I recorded of myself toying around on an abandoned upright piano near the entrance of my practice space,” explains Reed when talking about how he produced the song. “I built onto that using empty beer bottles for percussion and layering analog synths, acoustic guitar, live bass & Rhodes to fill out the instrumental.”

Reed then teamed up with LA-based vocalist and producer Ronald Kaufman (aka Kauf). Once the track was sent to LA, Kauf added the narrative to the track — impending heartache, and the agonising grief of lost love.

“You know you need to get out but you’re still so drawn to him.” Kaufman explains. “Was it only lust, or was there something real to begin with? Both sides in denial. Maybe you can’t get out because you haven’t learned your lesson from it yet. Stagnant, will you wait till rock bottom? Do you need distance from everyone who let you get here to get better?”

Leave Me” is out now and the full EP is set to release in March.

BAILE – Leave Me (feat. Kauf) BAILE – Painting Out (feat. Kauf)