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Ana Tijoux US Debut

Adding to the roster of “French Musicians We Love”, here’s something for all the hip hop fans. French/Chilean MC Ana Tijoux makes her US debut with 1977. Although 1977 just became available on iTunes last Tuesday, don’t mistake Ana for a newbie. She’s been making music since the mid 90s with a number of main stream successes in Latin America.

1977 is a faithful homage to 90s hip hop with its minimal beats, solid production and downtempo vibe. The twist that makes it interesting is that she MC’s in Spanish with a sultry and sexy understated confidence that seamlessly flows with scratches, strings, jazzy horns and Latin nuances. The final product is both totally fresh and comfortably familiar at the same time.

Check it – Cheers, D-Hall


Ana Tijoux – Sube

Ana Tijoux – 1977