The New LoFi

Ten Years

August 2018 Mixtape

The August Mixtape is all about the bass and R&B vibes (with a little electronic sprinkled in of course). The mix begins with a phone call and from our favorite new slinger, Clairo. She joins Rejjie Snow for her new single, “Hello?”

Also new tracks from Ducks!, Otha, Cosha and Nicolas Jaar (under his new pseudonym: A.A.L).

Learn more about each artist by clicking on the track title in the playlist below. You can also download the whole mix by right clicking on the title of the podcast and selecting “Save As…”

Alternatively, the Monthly Mixtape is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

…or just stream the mix below:

TNLF 2018 August Mixtape

The New LoFi monthly mixtape is an hour-long mix covering all of the music posted to the blog last month. Want to be cooler than all your friends with the latest tracks from artists you’ve never heard of? This is the mix you need to listen to.

  1. Clairo – Hello? (feat. Rejjie Snow) (00:00)
  2. Otha – One Of the Girls (02:15)
  3. Ducks! – Top Horse (06:00)
  4. Confidence Man – Boyfriend (11:42)
  5. Cosha – Do You Wanna Dance (15:49)
  6. Bluestaeb – Left and Right (19:09)
  7. Serious Klein – Coochie Money (22:12)
  8. A.A.L. – This Old House Is All I Have (25:45)
  9. A.A.L. – Now U Got Me Hooked (29:24)
  10. Marian Hill – Wish You Would (35:16)
  11. Sis – Gene (38:28)
  12. Trevor Forrest – Likely Story (41:48)