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Ten Years

January 2019 Mixtape

Happy New Year from The New LoFi! To bring in the new year we’ve created a mixtape full of artists we think are going to go big in 2019 (as well as some artists you already know). We kick off the mix with a latin vibe led by Portuguese singer / songwriter, Maya Andrade and follow that up with the rising star from Barcelona, Rosalia.

Then we dip into some hip hop vibes with a new beats from Animé, Octavian and Handbook. There’s also a new track from the one and only GZA.

Speaking of oldie but goodies, we slipped in “Thinking Of You” by Lord Echo just for good measure before diving into some soulful jazz by another band that you should firmly have on your radar: Kokoroko.

The mix ends with the haunting sounds of a child choir, curtesy of the Langley School Music Project – there are so many good covers from this project recorded in the 70s, but I like this Beach Boys cover the most.

And finally, we slipped in a live version of Maya Andrade’s song “Manga” which is subtly beautiful.

Learn more about each artist by clicking on the track title in the playlist below. You can also download the whole mix by right clicking on the title of the podcast and selecting “Save As…”

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…or just stream the mix below:

TNLF 2019 January Mixtape

The New LoFi monthly mixtape is an hour-long mix covering all of the music posted to the blog last month. Want to be cooler than all your friends with the latest tracks from artists you’ve never heard of? This is the mix you need to listen to.

  1. Maya Andrade – Manga (00:00)
  2. ROSALIA – MALAMENTE (Dani Gallardo Reggaeton 100 bpm rework) (02:50)
  3. GZA Genius – The Mexican (05:43)
  4. Aminé – REEL IT IN (Remix) [feat. Gucci Mane] (09:30)
  5. Toby Corton & His Band By Chance – Nicotine (12:14)
  6. Octavian – Hands (16:00)
  7. Handbook – Can’t Talk Now (18:49)
  8. MUNNYCAT – Check It (22:17)
  9. Lord Echo – Thinking Of You (25:17)
  10. Hauke Freer – Higer State Of Confidence (29:32)
  11. True – Videos (Mercury Remix) (31:31)
  12. DOV – Save ft.TESHA (37:44)
  13. Kokoroko – Abusey Junction (40:48)
  14. Langley Schools Music Project – Good Vibrations (Beach Boys Cover) (47:52)
  15. ***SECRET TRACK*****
  16. Maya Andrade – Manga (live version) (51:56)