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Kyungso Park in session with Lopa Kothari

This is better, and improving.

Lopa Kothari has long been spreading the good word about world music. But now free of the obligation to co-host ‘British world music’ (ie. Celtic folk), we are treated to the full panoply of her diverse and dynamic connections across the world.

Ever episode is different. Don’t like this one? Skip forward 42 minutes. Don’t like that? Try the previous episode.

Put it on a decent speaker, because a lot of this truly “lo-fi” music is not rewarded by a tinny iPhone speaker (don’t care if you’ve got the iPhone XXX pimp-daddy).

And it’s the sort of thing that would entrance you live. So, if you’re in London, you’ll get some great tips on upcoming gigs. If you’re not, look up the bands’ websites and see when they’re coming to your local grand arena.

The episode linked here is focusing on Fado. That is of particular interest to your humble correspondent as he is moving to Lisbon, early in the auspicious year of 2019. And so if you like that, expect a lot more of that weirdly-inspiring but massively sad music up in your TNLF face!

Kyungso Park – 사이 Between