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Austra Feel It Break

When I first heard “Lose It”, I initially thought it was Florence and the Machine, but wait, something was off . . . the vocals were more, dare I say, poperatic? A quick Shazam later and I saw it was the Canadian band Austra.

Austra is Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski and Dorian Wolf. Much of the bands unique sound revolves around Katie’s classically trained voice. As the story goes, she joined the Canadian Children’s Opera at 10, sang for the Canadian Opera Company and began pursuing a career in opera while also studying viola and classical piano. Then she went to a punk show and her aspirations completely changed. She joined a band and decided to “make classical music with really fucked up, distorted crazy shit on there.”

After a few other projects, Katie arrived at Austra. With the band’s first official release “Feel It Break” dropping a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t describe Austra as having “all sorts of fucked up, distorted crazy shit” on it. Nonetheless, it’s still a unique interpretation of Katie’s classical training. Feel It Break combines electro synths and danceable beats with dramatic, undulating balladry, creating a macabre yet popish album that is sure to get a lot of attention this year.

Check out the single “Lose It” below.

[audio:|titles=austra – lose it]

Austra Lose It

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