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Ten Years

Do The Dobre

Earlier last month we were passed a new album from a band in Munich, Germany called Dobré. I keep coming back to their album, “Do The Dobré” and each listen gets better. There is something oddly familiar with all of the tracks. There are a ton of bands I could compare them with which made me dismiss them at first, but there is something very subtle and original about their sound. I will say that there are moments when the lead singer will remind me of Bob Dylan but with a stronger voice. Either way, this is a solid album. The are one of those bands and this album is one of those albums that grows on you.

You can sample “Do The Dobré” on Soundcloud and purchase the album on Amazon.

[audio:|titles=Dobré – Wrong Road]
Dobré – Wrong Road

[audio:|titles=Dobré – Love Is In Vain]
Dobré – Love Is In Vain

[audio:|titles=Dobré – Help Me Now]
Dobré – Help Me Now