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Ten Years

Correatown Isomer (Wiitches Remix)

The slow hazey daydream that is Correatown materialized a real life EP yesterday. Etch The Line is a beautifully produced 6 track EP that’s full of layered guitars, washy reverb, beautiful harmonies and an occasional fuzzed out synth. This is a prelude to their second full-length “Pleaides” due out in September. All of the songs on Etch The Line are good but the Wiitches Remix of Isomer really stood out to me. This remix is a perfect example of how Angela Correa’s voice can shape shift and work within different contexts . . . This track is truly a courageous departure for her. Check out the Isomer (Wiitches Remix) below and then check out the full EP on Soundcloud or buy it on  iTunes for just $5.94.