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Ten Years


A Belgian friend of mine tipped me off to a new(ish) Indie Rock/Pop band from his homeland called “Balthazar.” They are hugely popular in Belgium and the UK, yet they are still flying under the radar here in the US. There is one reason for this. Balthazar is focused mainly on their live show.

The band, which formed in 2004, didn’t release their debut album “Applause” until 2010! While this might make it tough for people to get exposed to the music who don’t live close enough to the bands tour route, I think it worked in Balthazar’s favor. They’ve had plenty of time to explore and develop their sound at live shows while releasing singles along the way. It makes the live show so much more important, sacred and the fan base more dedicated, passionate. It’s probably best way music could be appreciated.

So while I’m quite aware this is in contradiction to all of the above, here are a couple tracks from their album, but i suggest you go see them live if you get a chance.

[audio:|titles=Balthazar – Wire]
Balthazar – Wire

[audio: Floors.mp3|titles=Balthazar – Fifteen Floors]
Balthazar – Fifteen Floors

[audio: For Rosann.mp3|titles=Balthazar – Blues For Rosann]
Balthazar – Blues For Rosann