The New LoFi

Ten Years

December 2017 Mixtape

This month’s mixtape is short and sweet. It’s just a tiny bit strange as well. But we like strange don’t we. If you’re a fan of The New LoFi, you’re here to discover music that sounds different and maybe just a little bit strange. That’s what makes it exciting.

With that said, the mix starts off with a new track from Lindstrøm. The track is rooted by a catchy little offbeat disco mix which is overlaid by the wonderful vocals of Jenny Hval and accented with some piano riffs. Hval’s voice fades in and out of the track whispering about her gravestone and how she chooses death (I told you it was going to be strange). All of it together works really well. It’s like electronic rock and roll.

That’s followed up by an older track by Polo & Pan called “Pays Imaginaire” which is a cinematic overture with little French voices singing you into the clouds. Stunning!

The mix takes a turn back to strange… almost scary movie strange with Gaika’s hip hop turned thriller track called “Glad We Found It.” I love how the background beat sounds like it could have been sampled from an 80s scary movie.

I could describe each track in the mix, but it’s probably better if you just whack it on and give it a listen. Just be prepared to be taken to a couple of strange places along the way.

The Monthly Mixtape is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Learn more about each artist by clicking on the track title in the playlist below. You can also download the whole mix by right clicking on the title of the podcast and selecting “Save As…”

…or just stream the mix below:

TNLF 2017 December Mixtape

  1. Lindstrøm – Bungl (Like A Ghost) (-36:37)
  2. Polo & Pan – Pays imaginaire (-30:50)
  3. Gaika – Glad We Found It (-26:06)
  4. O.J.Hodding – LOTN (-22:22)
  5. Morningbell – We Have Eyes as Well as Ears (-19:09)
  6. Candy Cigarettes – Selling Price (-15:25)
  7. Safetalk – Mimic (-12:29)
  8. Pearson Sound – XLB (-08:40)
  9. Death Grips – Eh (-02:52)

The New LoFi monthly mixtape is an hour-long mix covering all of the music posted to the blog last month. Want to be cooler than all your friends with the latest tracks from artists you’ve never heard of? This is the mix you need to listen to.