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ET Katy Perry feat. Kanye Typographic Video

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of songs with the lyrics to them. This video takes that concept to the next level. This is that concept on some super human, meathead, steroid shit. Normally I wouldn’t post Katy Perry BUT I have to say, this video is worth a watch, especially if you fancy yourself a typography connoisseur.

In theory, the lyrics typography is really bad and breaks every “rule” of traditional typography. There are 80 bad typefaces that are all used together. There is every trick from outlined type to glowing type, from spinning to scaling, to sliding, to stacking, to vibrating to . . . . you get the idea.

Love it or hate it, what sounds like a train wreck is actually pretty well crafted and I couldn’t stop watching it because I wanted to see the next horrible type treatment. I’m not sure who did this but they definitely raised the bar for the rest of you YouTube lyrics videos makers. Well done mystery typographer, well fuckin’ done.