The New LoFi

Ten Years

FIGO is Good For YOU!

Introducing: FIGO. The new replacement for my morning coffee. No longer do I need that cup ‘o joe to get my day started; caffeine doesn’t come close to this buzz. They’ve also helped my overall fitness. I pop ’em on during workouts and I can’t help but push myself when my earphones are flooded by the  NYC based electronica – punk band named after the legendary Portuguese soccer captain. Somehere, in between the snarling synths and galloping punk riffs, it all makes sense. Fresh off a SXSW showcase, FIGO is writing new material to follow up their excellent debut LP, “Put it All on Black” and will be touring this summer. Rumor has it they may be collaborating with a legendary heavyweight in the near future – can’t wait to have that improve yet another facet of my life – FIGO really IS good for you.

Here is a sampling from “Put it All on Black ” – and make sure to play them all on “10”.

[audio:|titles=Figo – I’m Gone]
[audio:|titles=Figo – Gun Shot – ]
[audio:|titles=Figo – The Devil Knows My Name]