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Fuck Yeah! Steely Chan S-Coppola

I was bitching and complaining today that I couldn’t find anything that I was in the mood to listen to, much less share on the blog. A few hours later, and ding dong! Steely Chan comes knocking with a mixtape called S-Coppola. I don’t know if I like this mixtape bc I love the name or the concept or because I’m up at 3 am and the thought of sleep if far away or if it’s just because this shit’s rad and I’m in the mood for some funky ass grooves. I’m gonna go with all of the above for now.

Here’s more about the mixtape from Steely Chan’s Soundcloud page:

“This inaugural remix collection was inspired by characters from the films of Sofia Coppola. Each track contains the name of the actor/actress whose character inspired the remix treatment. The listener is given the fun task of connecting the dots between music, film & narrative…or one can simply ignore the high-mindedness and get down with some funky grooves to kick off the summer!”

Check out the Steely Chan website as well to see the hilarious covers they created for each track.
[audio:|titles=Cee Lo – Fuck You (Steely Chans B-Murray Mix)]
Cee Lo – Fuck You (Steely Chans B-Murray Mix)
[audio:|titles=Violent Femmes – Crazy (Steely Chans J Woods Mix)]
Violent Femmes – Crazy (Steely Chans J Woods Mix)
[audio:|titles=Adele vs John Legend – Rolling In The Deep (Steely Chans S Johan Mix)]
Adele vs John Legend – Rolling In The Deep (Steely Chans S Johan Mix)