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Juliana Richer Daily

This is a little different from what we’ve been doing lately but variety makes the world go around. Right? . . . . We’ve all seen the aspiring singer song writers on youtube that do covers of their favorite artists in an attempt to be discovered. For the most part they’re mediocre at best. Every once in a while though, one of them stand out as something special. Well, the other day I either posted a link on facebook or tweeted about lady gaga as the new creative director of Polaroid. That led to me humming my own version of “bad romance” in a signature D-Hall new jersey / 4 years living in texas infused country twang way. That then led to me to trying to find an acoustic version online of the same said track. Long story short, I found a version by unsigned 21 year old Juliana Richer Daily on youtube. Her acoustic version of  Bad Romance is pretty cool. Cool enough for me to actually look into her further. Her youtube channel said to “check out her original songs on itunes”, so I did. They were pretty good; good enough for me to go back to youtube to check out some of her other 52 videos which include covers of everyone under the sun including radiohead, mumford and sons, imogen heep, miike snow, florence and the machine, bob dylan, bon iver and of course lady gaga. Her latest video is a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Without saying too much more, I’ll end this post by saying this girl is bad ass. Maybe it’s just because I love this song. Or maybe it’s because Leonard Cohen is a genius or because I have a soft spot for twangs. Who knows? Maybe it’s as simple as me having a secret crush on Juliana (even though no one can come close to my amazing ladyfriend DJ Spasmodic). Either way, check Juliana out and then give her some love by buying her music on itunes or at least telling her that you love her on youtube. This post goes out to my niece who asked me for an acoustic guitar today. Big Love K – rock n roll forever \m/

Cheers, D-Hall


Juliana Richer Daily – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)

[audio:|titles=white blank page]

Juliana Richer Daily – White Blank Page (Mumford and Sons Cover)

[audio:|titles=Bad Romance]

Juliana Richer Daily – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)