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Kristy Kruger Live Tonight Jay St Brooklyn

I was really fortunate to catch up with singer/songwriter/performer Kristy Kruger last night during her short stay in New York. In addition to working on her new album, Kristy’s been playing standards and forgotten songs from the early 1900’s with a group of new friends and musicians living in Denton, Texas. After telling me about the project, Kristy was sweet enough to give me a CD with two unmastered tracks.

Being the perfectionist that she is, she was hesitant to share them publicly since they weren’t finished. Personally, I love unfinished tracks. I love works in progress. I love lo-fi cracks and hisses. I love sketches, demos, imperfections, the spaces in between the spaces, the ideas that make the ideas, the things you aren’t supposed to see, know, or hear. That’s the good stuff in life. It makes you realize the hours of practice, mistakes and experimenting that go into making the final thing seems so effortless in the end. That said, with a tiny bit of coercing I talked Kristy into it letting me share these tracks with you guys on our site. I love these songs and her version of Santa Baby is a must play at holiday cocktail parties you’re going to. Check them out below and then check out more of Kristy’s music on Myspace here.

Kristy is playing Saturday, December 18 at 68 Jay Street in Brooklyn. Do yourself a favor and check out the real deal live. Kristy will perform a two hour set with bassist Alan Hampton from 8:00pm – 10:00pm. There isn’t a cover for tonights show, however a donation would be totally cool since Kristy’s here all the way from Texas and donations are paying for the trip so please pitch in if you can.

Anthony DeCurtis from Rolling Stone says “Kristy Kruger is a musical time traveler gripped by stylistic wanderlust. Her curiosity leads her to unpredictable explorations, placing aesthetic bets that her intelligence, talent and immense personal charm take straight to the bank. Each song is a wonder and a delight.”  Kristy Kruger is a modern singer/songwriter with an old fashioned flair. With influences ranging from Hank Williams Sr. to Billie Holiday, Kristy composes memorable melodies that showcase her love of the American song, crossing many genres.

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[audio:|titles=Kristy Kruger Santa Baby]

Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt Cover) Kristy Kruger

[audio:|titles=Kristy Kruger Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer (Bessie Smith Cover)]

Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer (Bessie Smith Cover) Kristy Kruger