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Ten Years

Little Foot Long Foot

This is a strange name for a band. It reminds me of Subway sandwiches. But, I like this photo a lot. I like that there is a cool dog in it, two hot ladies, and a cool looking dude in a nicely tailored suit . . . all in the woods. Brilliant! Although I have two dogs too and mine are arguably cooler. Maybe not? This dog is pretty damn cool. I digress.

Let’s get to serious music business now, I love this track. I woke up this morning pretty groggy. I posted the new YACHT remixes, had some coffee and still felt sleepy. Then I put on “Sell Out While You Can” by Toronto’s Little Foot Long Foot and dang, what a kick in the ass that was. I’m ready to go do some shit now! Sky dive, drive fast, fight someone, maybe even pull a gun on someone gangsta style, inspired by the new and equally bad-ass video for Sell Out While You Can (see below).

Little Foot Long Foot just released their sophmore album Oh, Hell and are ready to Fuck shit up. Check them out here

[audio:|titles=Little Foot Long Foot – Sell Out While You Can]
Little Foot Long Foot – Sell Out While You Can