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Loyle Carner – Tierney Terrace

Loyle Carner

If I had to choose a single Hip Hop EP from 2014 to take to a desert island with me, I wouldn’t need to look any further than Loyle Carner’s A Little Late EP. At the time I wrote that the South Londoner’s debut release displayed an obvious abundance of talent, but moreover the record was a clear product of patience, with an attention to detail that is sadly bereft in all too much of today’s Hip Hop.

Tierney Terrace, his latest release, was previewed earlier today on FADER and like his last release, deals with the delicate topic of the relationship with his father in a raw and exposed manner, without ever losing its authenticity.

“Just off Brixton Hill, Tierney Terrace was where my grandparents lived,” Carner told The FADER over email. “It became a bit of a refuge for me when my mum was working late. I learnt a lot from both of them, and at times, felt my grandfather was the only man I could look up to. I wrote this song a while back, after a run-in with my biological dad.”

“It’s the next stage in my story”, he says. “It’s a continuation of where I’m at. I didn’t want to change up my sound just because there’s a bit of attention around me now.”

Amen to that…