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Martin Vidal Boom Remix

We’ve been posting tracks from Martin Vidal on a somewhat regular basis. Recently, some of his remixes have become even more fun for us because in some tiny, tiny, tiny way we’ve become part of the process. For instance, a few weeks back he did a remix of Cry Wolf’s The Home We Made, a song we posted right after we posted one of his tracks. I’m not sure, but I think he may have picked up on Cry Wolf from us. Again, I’m not sure if that is the case but it’d be very cool to think that those two artists ended up working together as a result of our little blog.

This time around, we posted a few versions of the super fun track Boom from Sweden’s Lo-Fi-Fnk. When I was on their soundcloud page, I saw that they posted a bunch of individual tracks for producers and dj’s to use. I sent the link over to Martin just in case he didn’t already see them . . . a few weeks went by and then BOOM, (pun intended) today we received this brand spanking new remix from Martin. Sweet!!!!

Included below are Martin Vidal’s Boom and The Home We Made remixes and his summer jams vol. 1 mixtape. Keep the music coming Martin!

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Boom (Martin Vidal Remix)

Cry Wolf – The Home We Made (Martin Vidal Official Remix)

What’ve I Got 2 Lose – Martin Vidal Summer Jams Mix Vol. 1

You can get more of Martin Vidal’s music here.