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Ten Years

New Single from Inspired & The Sleep

Californian duo, Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault have returned with a brand new single entitled “First Time.”

“I feel like when you’re alone for an extended period, you tend to naturally become guarded as a way of protecting yourself,” says Max when describing the track. “But it takes even more strength to get to a point where you can let yourself love again.”

The song draws from a wide range of influences from Canadian pianist Patrick Watson to timeless singers such as Jeff Buckley, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Sam Smith and contemporary artists Milosh and Daniel Caesar. During the recording process, the band became infatuated with vinyl sampling, which resulted in a total evolution of dynamics around the recordings and live show. With strong roots in the groove and rhythm, each song is precisely layered with drums, samples and manipulated loops, and polished vocals to top off and carry each song.

Inspired & The Sleep – First Time