The New LoFi

Ten Years

Promise Keeper

William Fussell (aka Promise Keeper) has been going against the grain for some time now. Fussel was a part of Atlanta-based band Mood Rings, before he moved to London and created Promise Keeper. Completely immersing himself into his work, he has engineered an unknown world for audiences to embrace. This is even more clear in his latest release “Backfired”.

Supported by his signature baritone croon, the track is an illustrious display of transformation. Blending an impressive composition, Promise Keeper equips the rhythmic track with a seductive bassline. The versatile track not only illuminates the dancefloor, but it’s retro aesthetic transports listeners to the neon patterns that frame the night sky.

Promise Keeper – Endless Motion

Promise Keeper – Backfired

Promise Keeper – Side Decide (feat. TOPS)